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This is the coolest yo-yo trick you will see today, or this year.

An Island Of Sound

After Inspiral Carpets/Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses it’s a continuation of the theme as a couple of weekends ago Jan and I vanish to the seaside for the Sound Island Festivall (in a park, not on an island), featuring The Farm, Inspiral Carpets (again!), Cast, Echo and the Bunnymen and James

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Google Fail (Or Brighton Avenue Photos)

This post has been updated and reproduced on my new site.

And now for a tale of a bit of a failure at finding something online. I was half convinced I’d mentioned that searching the internet on this has failed me before, but if I did I don’t know where (In general it’s a sign one is struggling when the first hit for a search is your own page—and I wonder how long until this one joins it). Anyway, basic premise and frustration: It seems impossible to find photos of my old school (I should point out that by old school I also mean the old buildings, from before they built the “new” buildings and knocked the old down to form the current playing fields).

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So what is this, a gig review site? Well, there may be a bit of a review coming up, involving a Friday stood in a field, following quickly on from the rather delayed last one. There’s more than just a review though—as Jan and I undertook something more like a tour of the north-west’s two premier cities

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Inspired Happy - Thursday

Inspiral Carpets on stage

It seems I’m absolutely hopeless at blogging at the moment, but I’m going to try and get this up before I go and forget. A Thursday a, er, few weeks ago Jan and I went to see a gig with the Happy Mondays original line up (together again for the first time in umpteen years) supported by the Inspiral Carpets, at Newcastle Academy.

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