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It’s LEGO Not Legos

Tipped into out of proportion annoyance
Gateshead (not in the bloody USA

Graaaa. OK. I thought about writing this post then decided against it. I mean, this has been debated before after all here for example. But then this title pushed me over the edge. What is going on with the bloody yanks. It’s LEGO. No f**king S. I remember that used to point this out but they have a friendlier notice these days. All right, so we’re also supposed to always do LEGO® which is a bit extreme but still. Only the Americans seem to think it’s legos, even if the rest of the world tells them it’s wrong. I mean, is it sheeps? Bhaa. Think about it. LEGO is the collection of the bits and pieces (bricks etc). So one has some LEGO. If one has two such collections it’s still not legos because two collections of bits is just, well, a larger collection of bits. I suppose the problem that the Americans don’t notice is there isn’t such a think as a lego. It’s a LEGO something (as their website sort of points out). You play with LEGO, not legos. Now, where’s my LEGO?

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