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Tick Tock, Tick Fucking Tock

Can't you tell?

Why do people fill their houses with ticking clocks. Not with clocks note, that’s to fulfil the modern obsession with the current time, an entirely different subject, but with ticking clocks. In this age of microelectronics where a quartz time piece costs less than a penny sweet (so to speak) why do people insist on filling every room of the house with a monotonous ticking to disturb the silence. Hell, I’m pretty sure that most mechanical clocks could be made to run virtually silently; the tick is left in, enhanced, shaped for the very purpose of that tick. Like some audial momento mori they tick on and on and on to shatter the silence with that so regular beat to ensure that they can’t be easily filtered as the conciousness unthinkingly awaits the next tick, eager to know that indeed it is still alive. Most of them aren’t even tick tock; listen: they are clack, clack, clack, the wondrous variety of tick tock being only present by our own willingness to impose the myth on reality. Alarms, clocks, watches I understand but relentless tick tick, tock tock, clack clack on the second every second I do not!

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