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Election General Thoughts

In four days time the UK holds a general election. Whether as a result of the debates of actually living somewhere where my vote matters, I actually feel quite invigorated. I doubt that this time I’ll abstain (I did actually vote in the London Mayoral election, though failed to mention it here, but that was more to get rid of the odious Ken Livingston than anything else).

Perhaps the biggest thing that is driving me in this election is the fact that, unlike the complete disillusionment I felt last time, my vote may count for something. This country has an outdated system where the vast majority of people’s votes don’t actually count for much at all. This is not one person, one vote, because the vote isn’t worth one. If you want to see how much you actually count, check out the voter power index. I’m lucky in that I’ve moved on from the last election, so now live in a constituency (Central Croydon) which is at least very marginal, and my vote is worth 0.835 (the average is 0.253!)

The other driving force is the Liberal Democrats surprisingly high showing. Not only do they support electoral reform (to try and correct some of the above mentioned vote worthlessness) but I do believe that perhaps the best thing for this country would be a hung parliament where at least some of the differing parties are forced to work together.

The question becomes then, who to vote for. According to Vote Match I should go with the Greens. That isn’t going to happen. As I said there is a chance for my vote to count, so I’ll be going with something to make it count. It really is down to two choices, and which I go for comes down to whether I think that LibDem vote might make enough of a difference

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