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More Flickr Favourites And Me

Bah. If things sit in draft too long, just push ‘em :-)

About a year ago I wrote a post called Flickr Favourites And Me which pointed the attentive reader towards some of my favourite photographs on Flickr. I think that post marked the sating of my appetite somewhat because I haven’t favourited anywhere near those sort of numbers since (certainly I’m not exposed to so many RSS feeds as I was). As I seemed to be clicking that favourite button a bit more recently though I thought I’d have a quick look back over what I had noted, to see if tastes have changed.

The sky is still ablaze with flames all over.

Then there’s buildings, architecture, old and future looking (perhaps its entrance?). Some are familiar (even when I don’t like the subject).

Surprisingly there are more people, all of them birds (all right, I meant angels, sorry, women but couldn’t resist the pun), though sometimes it tricky to tell Hey, I can’t help it if they’re pretty or sexy or almost naked. Of course, sometimes they’re part of something rather than in the in the spotlight, filling the frame.

Of course, they’re are still more cats leaping into the light. Of course some are quite (or even wildly) majestically big. Others are getting there and others not quite so much. Amoung the indifferent and curious, fed up and woke up not so many legs as you might think. And why do cats look so good in silhouette? Maybe we could ask the wise old one (who does remind me of the first, who reminded me of someone else). Best avoid if he’s sleepy though.

Then there are the ducks too being upstaged by the swan. Best move onto the bear and horses (not a zebra, horse ) and more staring sheep.

I’m quite baffled why I still like trees. The bright, dreamy Sun bathed trees. Maybe because they’re so tall and pretty.

I always knew there should be more railway. So a wonderful shot of the Scotsman and a rather old photo of the place that now lives.

There’s some beautiful physics going on still, up in the sky. Like a rainbow—actually, no, a double, truely amazing rainbow

Amoungst it all are still those long lingering shots emerging from the mist like a fantasy or painting.

Finally there are those which are cool or funny or silly. Enough though. If you want more truely amazing stuff you’ll just have to look yourself.

Endnotes: This certainly isn’t as thorough as the last Flickr Favourites and Me. For instance, I haven’t particularly checked to see if there is a photographer featured more than others (though i suspect not this time). I would like to mention my new favourite toy for putting it together, Flickr Leech along with the my modified version of the Flickr Magnifier Greasemonkey Script.

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