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More Election Wibbling

Central Croydon Constituency

After the previous ramblings I though I’d jot down a bit more about my thinking with the big day tomorrow.

In the first election I remember actually really being motivated for I find myself terribly torn. Part of the problem (the major part of it actually) is that despite the possibility of my vote counting (this certainly being an improvement over the last situation in York) I seem to be caught in the wrong marginal. My instincts and desires point me towards a Liberal Democrat vote but I must balance this against the fact that this is a Labour/Conservative marginal. In my opinion the only way to get this countries mess sorted is to end up with a hung parliament and the only way to do that is probably to prevent the Conservatives gaining as many seats as possible (which also happens to fit nicely with me, as there at the bottom of my personal list of the big three). So do I vote tactically, giving my mark to Labour in order to prevent a Conservative victory? Certainly I will be fairly upset should Labour lose this seat by a small majority, left thinking that if only I and a few others (for I don’t doubt I am not unique in this thinking process) had voted tactically we could have made a difference.

However, that just feels wrong.

Then I come to thinking, what if enough people really are in the position I am, such that they are leaning towards LibDem. Could this be a three horse race here, in which case if the Liberals come close but fall short I will feel probably worse if I’ve voted tactically, whatever the outcome.

The situation is not helped by the incumbent MP now being an independent (and re-standing as such) having originally taken the seat for the Conservatives. Presumably this mixes up those longer term residents loyalties even more.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow evening come time to mark an X, but I do know that for once I seem to care.

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