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Things I did at the weekend part umpty-two. Not all B-words were performed at once.

Er, last weekend. This is about a week late by now…

It all started off simply enough on Saturday when Jan and I decided we really should clean under the bed properly (we’d been putting it off quite long enough for fear of what beasts might be lurking there in). I could post pictures of the frankly disgusting blackness we’d been hiding ourselves away from but I don’t want to disturb anyone more than necessary. Suffice to say we set about attacking it armed with water, bleach and a mop. Nobly I dipped the mop into the the bucket of diluted bleach, lifted it out—and the mop head promptly fell off, with perfect comedy timing. These things just happen to me. Turns out the mop was a bit too old, and had corroded away at the base. So it was off to a local hardware store for a new mop and, as we were there, a new brush and even a better bucket. (A proper hardware store at that, with bits of chain, screws and unidentifiable things in its Aladdin’s cave interior. It’s not even the only one nearby).

Suitably armed we (well, mainly me as we only had one set of marigolds) set about the task, with mop and scrubber. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday (warning: previous sentence may not be true). The best part was probably that moving around the furniture in the bedroom to make room for all this cleaning did reveal Jan’s thought lost disposable camera, so she may now actually finish the film off and we can find out what forgotten captured moments are on it.

CarrotSunday was much more fun though, in its own way. I baked some more (gingerbread things because we’d randomly found and bought some more cutter shapes, carrot cake and Jan’s insistence, which turned out to be a much bigger cake than intended, rock buns because they’re nice).

Baking over though it turned out that we were bored. We went for a walk “that way” on the premise that there’d probably be some pub to find at least. Turns out there wasn’t. Once we’ve managed to go round in a loop, we decided we were still bored and bored of round the corner so we ended up walking all the way into town to the Dragon.

There we at least had nice beer and we could sit and people watch. Then it was back home for the final B (before that other B, bed). Bolognese cooked by Jan; very tasty

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