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Literary Ghosts

I think Arthur Conan Doyle may be taking over from Edgar Allen Poe. I feel, dear reader, that some explanation may be in order?

You see a few years ago I became haunted by Mr Poe. Everywhere I turned would be another Allan Poe reference (particularly to The Raven). It is difficult now to recall every instant but there were many piling up on each other, even getting so far as making it to The Simpsons. Eventually I got the hint and ended up buying (and reading obviously) the complete works. Still, I get the occasional reminder.

Anyway, the thing is I think Conan Doyle is doing the haunting now. It began with Sanford’s excellent Discovery Sherlock Holmes. I’d subscribed to the weekly email to remind me to get each bit but only just gotten around to actually reading them. It then occurred to me that the tales are old enough to be out of copyright which makes it very likely they’re on the wonderful Project Gutenberg. Where I found at the top of the main page a quote form The Advnetures of Sherlock Holmes. To top it all Hound of the Baskervilles was on TV the other night (not that I watched it). So I get the hint Mr Doyle.

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