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Why Not…And More

James, Hey Ma

Time to post again, it must be time to post again….

  1. Why Not About Home
  2. Delayed Deja
  3. London Bridge Supports Science
  4. Hey Ma

Why Not About Home

Maybe because they’ve reduced it to this. It’s empty, left with it’s ghosts. When they build their shiny things, will there be anyone left to view them? Or will they all drifted away with the lost hope those shutters seem to scream? Maybe I’m just bitter because they’ve also taken The Trafalgar, which was always in my conscience—from long nights an age ago with Gaz to the place I suppose I (at least partly) courted Janet.

Bah, I’ve spoken about all this before. Just sad to see the rot unchecked. I wonder if people will photo whatever bland sameness goes up as they do what they determine to bring down.

Delayed Deja

I’ve mentioned that I experience déjà vu and déjà vu of déjà vu but I also get “delayed déjà vu”, where I have the feeling of déjà vu about a moment, but only quite some time after that moment has happened. I suppose that may tie into the theory that it has something to do with various parts of the brain catching up with each other, so to speak. Or it might just mean I’m quite strange…

London Bridge Supports Science

At least I presume whoever’s in charge must have read my last entry and decided to break the escalators again. So tonight, on the way back from work, approach with my eyes shut (quite tricky with a number of commuters around). It certainly reduced the feeling but I think it was undermined by the fact I still knew I was stepping onto an escalator in a normal manner. We’ll see if they’ve broken science, but fixed moving stairways, by tomorrow morning.

Hey Ma

New James album, Hey Ma. Out now. Favourite tracks after a few listens: Bubbles, Oh My Heart, Semaphore, and definitely Upside.

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