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Originally posted November 6 2005 at 20:11 under General. 2 Comments. Trackbacks Disabled.

Paris Is Burning


Normally I admire most of what Daniel Glazman has to say. Nvu is wonderful and outside the world of coding he hits hard at what he doesn’t believe in. However, it seems France can’t possibly have a problem. So much so he’ll close comments (come on Daniel, your normally more controversial than that!) To be honest this his his country, so he certainly knows more than me, but his latest blog post reads like he’s excusing everything on the basis that hey, don’t worry, it happens every year anyway. Sorry Daniel, but you’re in almost as much trouble there as the Americans you love to slag off; hiding behind a few exhuberent new year’s youths is naive (an obvious permalink to the post on the post’s page would be helpful btw). Your right. Normal people don’t do those things. Normal people don’t do those things wherever they are though; France, America, anywhere. Normal people leave comments open…Tear gas landing in the wrong place is unfortunate, but it shouldn’t be ignored as acceptable. It’s a step away from bullets. Trust us–you looked on and commented on Ireland why others lived it.

Daniel is right in some things. But he knows he’s wrong in defending others; else why is he hiding behind no comment/rrackback (something he has criticised before)?

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And normal people don’t have to stand antisemitic attacks and deep ugly insults on their own blog. That’s the only reason why I closed my comments.

Made by Daniel Glazman on Nov 6, 2005 at 20:53


Then that’s why we ultimately have control over our own blog’s comments (an ugly practice it must be admitted–but not as ugly as those who would judge on such stupid values as race or religion..) Then I think RSS had led me to not realise how much comments had been closed by you (itself sad that such things should win in the end). At least you reply, which is more than many would do, so much respect is restored.

Hoping you and your’s are safe amoungst madness

Made by Ian Scott on Nov 6, 2005 at 21:05

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