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Info Dump

London, more of less

A post in which everything is just going to get dumped, because it won’t get anywhere otherwise (everything I think to post about doesn’t happen because I feel I really should finish this off first). Really September since the last post?!! There will by way of compensation be pictures. So without further ado…

  1. Quite A Bit More Baking
  2. Wandering From Corbridge To Hexham
  3. Football, Live Before Your Eyes
  4. Scary Night
  5. Ralph, Dinner
  6. Dylan Moran Is Funny
  7. Mince Pies and Christmas Cake

Quite A Bit More Baking

The baking has continued apace, with biscuits now included, and cakes of course!

Photo of a cakePhoto of biscuitsPhoto of gingerbread people

Wandering From Corbridge To Hexham

This is from ages ago, but back in September Janet and I went for a little wander from Corbridge to Hexham (following the second walk detailed on this pagelocal PDF). I did buy a proper OS map of the area just in case, but actually only looked at it a couple of times towards the end of the walk, to double check we were taking the right road and path back towards Hexham. We saw some sheep, a horse, and a man with a dog, though not all at once. The woods were pretty nice once we reached them, even if muddy in places. Best photo is me looking completely deranged though!

Football, Live Before Your Eyes

In a concerted effort to see more of the game in the flesh (and strangely it’s over a year since the last post in the Football category) I’ve actually been to some Newcastle matches this season (helped by pay-on-the-day cash turnstiles for home games). It started at Crystal Palace, whose ground is quite near where I live so no real excuse for not going. Quite an easy 2-0 win. A couple of home matches too, the 0-0 draw with Bristol City and the 2-1 win against Doncaster—Nolan’s late winner is the feeling we go for, though for some reason I’d known we were going to be all right as soon as the came out.

Scary Night

Halloween!! There was of course a pumpkin, and, er, well, that was exciting!

Ralph, Dinner

A lovely dinner with Mr Park was had, on the occasion of him turning some age with a zero at the end.

Dylan Moran Is Funny

Dylan Moran on stageVery, very funny. Janet and I went to see just how funny at the Apollo Theatre in London no less. Windows, we have windows? (And the pixie was nice enough to buy me the DVD from the tour for christmas too)

Mince Pies

Some mince piesAs the master of the mince pies isn’t available, I had to do them myself. Nowhere near as good, though passable. The christmas cake though, was bloody good.

Eventually I’ve posted this, almost as a birthday treat to myself!

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