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Baking - Week 2

A kitchen in Croydon
White Stripes

The results of baking

Last week, unannounced to most of the world, I baked a simple fruit cake. This week, things got a bit more adventurous. The kitchen is still standing, though it really could do with being bigger.


After the success of last week’s fruit cake (it was nice!) I moved on. Random baking products have been accumulating over the past week or two. This week it was the time to cook many things. So I started of with orange breakfast muffins. They are pretty nice, but suffer from discovering that we only had bun cases, not muffin cases (now rectified), which made them a bit small. The big ones are nicer.

Photograph of my orange and spice cake

At that point my scales gave up actually working (perhaps due to having egg on them, perhaps not), which isn’t convenient. So we made a trip to Ikea to find some new ones, and of course other things because it’s Ikea. On returning I got on with the orange and spice cake, which turned out to be pretty damn fine—even the none cakey pixie agrees it’s nice.

We won’t mention or have pictures of the third baking attempt today—the caramel slices going a bit wrong (I think I got confused over quantities of ingredients as I tried to get the right amount for my baking tray). On a brighter note, the original scales have started to work again, so now there’s two sets for the next adventure.

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