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The archives of posts available on IMS_Blog

Entire Blog (643 entries)

The complete IMS_Blog. Every entry from when it started until now.

  1. Yo-Yo
  2. An Island Of Sound
  3. Ed's Boundless Energy
  4. Google Fail (Or Brighton Avenue Photos)
  5. Roses Of The North West
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Blogging (99 entries)

Posts about the experience and technicalities of blogging

  1. Oh My, It Speaks
  2. Image No Comment
  3. Lick Of Paint
  4. A General Update Post Thingy
  5. I Didn't Say Which Monday
  6. More...

Computing (35 entries)

Posts about computing in general

  1. Cool Image Resizing
  2. Why BBC iPlayer Is Actually Irrelevant
  3. Shiny Things
  4. Is This Laptop Trying To Tell Me Something?
  5. Will The BBC Acknowledge Linux?
  6. More...

Football (43 entries)

Posts about football (that's soccer to americans). Normally about Newcastle United FC.

  1. It's No Tiote Worries Me, Not Ba
  2. Monitored
  3. 9 Is Just A Number
  4. Newcastle United 5 Dirty Mackems 1
  5. Crossing A Line
  6. More...

Friends (69 entries)

Posts about the most important people in my life. My friends and family.

  1. An Island Of Sound
  2. Ed's Boundless Energy
  3. Roses Of The North West
  4. Inspired Happy - Thursday
  5. Pasty Tasting
  6. More...

General (288 entries)

Posts which don't seem to fit into any other category get put here. Expect random musing.

  1. Yo-Yo
  2. An Island Of Sound
  3. Google Fail (Or Brighton Avenue Photos)
  4. Roses Of The North West
  5. Inspired Happy - Thursday
  6. More...

Moments (49 entries)

Posts about moments which may become memories and memories which were those moments.

  1. Roses Of The North West
  2. Inspired Happy - Thursday
  3. Pasty Tasting
  4. Happy New Year and All That
  5. Yarmouth Is Great
  6. More...

Mozilla (35 entries)

Posts about the Mozilla web applications (Mozilla suite, FireFox, ThunderBird, etc)

  1. An Awsome Post!
  2. A General Update Post Thingy
  3. A Collection of Unrelated Things I Thought To Post Today
  4. Beta Is Something of a Theme
  5. Does This Mean I'm Famous?
  6. More...

Physics (78 entries)

Posts about physics and science in general. I happen to be a physicist, so there are actually occasional mentions of physics.

  1. Yo-Yo
  2. The Language Barrier
  3. Swinging
  4. Note This
  5. Note This
  6. More...

Web (98 entries)

Posts about creating web pages and occasionally using the web.

  1. Eng Designed
  2. Things Don't Get Dusty On The Internet
  3. Image No Comment
  4. Lick Of Paint
  5. Am I In China
  6. More...


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Bullding Services Engineer (EngDesign), PhD in Physics (University of York), football fanatic (Newcastle United), open source enthusiast (mainly Mozilla)

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