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Posts about the Mozilla web applications (Mozilla suite, FireFox, ThunderBird, etc)

An Awsome Post!

This isn’t the post that I promised last. Think of it as an intermediate bonus post while I write that one. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head for a little while and just feel like getting out there right now. Everytime I start to type in Firefox’s Awsome Bar I get interested in the site that makes it to the top. So here, for your delight, an insight into my browsing habits; the top website for each lettter:

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A General Update Post Thingy

Some more random things I’ve been meaning to mention

  1. The Cost Of Trains
  2. Skype Must Be Easy
  3. Keep It Up!
  4. Miss You
  5. A4E Are Awful
  6. A Quick Comment
  7. Clear About Nuclear
  8. New GMail Interface
  9. The Music Business Continue To Be Idiots
  10. Free Wifi On The Move
  11. Right, Just Post

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A Collection of Unrelated Things I Thought To Post Today

I had a few things I came across today yesterday (damn my tardiness) which almost made me post. Individually they probably didn’t tip the balance in favour of actually putting in the effort but together they just about do. So here goes a collection of interesting and not so interesting things, which I may or may not comment on, as have occurred to me throughout today.

Well, it’s become so long I thought I’d add a nice Table of Contents, just because I can

  1. Microsoft Catches Up With The 21st Century
  2. How Now Brown Cow?
  3. Ed Looks Behind The Curtain
  4. Logitech Buys Slim Devices
  5. Music Industry Still Annoying Idiots
  6. Search Greasemonkey Script Updated
  7. Tufty Is Not Evil
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Beta Is Something of a Theme

I agree with pretty much every word. To be fair, at least Asa has called for comments. Well, these are my initial thoughts on Firefox Beta2’s theme (and a couple of other things)…

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Does This Mean I’m Famous?

I quite like Lifehacker because they pretty often offer useful tips (though their obsession with “getting to done” is quite wearisome for those of us who don’t work that way). One of the things Lifehacker has given me is some quite cool software through their “download of the day”. Today’s download of the day is a Greasemonkey script to try and catch those occasions in GMail when you hit send having forgotten to actually attach the all important attachment. Thing is, I’m actually the author of that script (with a large nod to Jonathon Brodsky who wrote the original). Fame at last! Now I’ll just have to deal with all the inevitable bug reports…


Other Posts on Mozilla

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