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Dreamy (obviously!)

Lexitus mentions his latest crazed dream (the end of the world culminating in boil covered sky). After my comment he mentioned in an email to me the dream you have when feverish (fairly sure he won’t mind me giving away that snippet of a private email ;-0) Anyway, that inspired a post about the great dreams (everyone has them don’t they – the one’s they never forget).

As alluded to when I commented on Lexitus’ post, the first is the great college dream (I can’t remember when I had this one—I’ve only had it the once as best I know). This isn’t as it sounds the dream of making it to college (achieved that quite nicely thanks). Rather it’s a strange dream of about a college (well, it had more of a university feel but in the dream it was definitely a college). The college was all stone corridors and wood lined rooms opening onto great halls, and I wandered searching for someone (don’t know who) for an age, pausing to take drinks in comfy chairs and look at obscure books on library shelves (this was all within one large continuous building). No idea what the hell it was about but for some reason it’s always stuck with me.

The second dream is my recurring nightmare of the dogs. I continue to occasionally have this one. I’m wandering through a park when I’m chased by a pack of dogs (at this point I should point out that in waking life I’m not scared of, and quite like, dogs). The dogs chase me down and at about the point one of them bares me down I wake up in the cold nightmare sweat. This dream undoubtedly relates back to a couple of incidents in my childhood. The first involved startling a friends dog with a loud toy, so the (Alsatian I think) pounced on me, only to realise it’s mistake and almost over apologise with its Oops look. The second was wandering down a back alley to be confronted with two or three dogs snarling at me. I did the foolish thing and turned and ran. Knowing that one of those dogs was closing I can only assume that the barking I heard was some other dog calling it off.

The third dream I can’t actually describe in a public forum for rather complex reasons. This occurred I’d say in about 1998 to 1999). Suffice to say that on waking I spent about an hour trying to figure out which of the two realities in my head was real, a very strange sensation (I’ve had the not quite sure it was a dream moment on other occasions of course but never for that long!)

I don’t remember a feverish dream, but then I don’t remember the last time I was feverish. I don’t think I really remember many dreams; or when I do remember I forget after about a day or so. I’ve sometimes thought that maybe I should record a few of the more entertaining ones, so you might look out for a few more dreamy posts.

Update: Turns out I’ve inspired a description of the limb stretching feverish dream.

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