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Mad March Message

So it seems I can manage about one post a month at the moment. I wonder if I can improve that a little. Anyway, keep reading for such things as:

  1. Daresbury SRS status display
  2. There’s My House!
  3. Entertainment
  4. A week with Jan

Daresbury SRS Status Display

Final SRS status displayIt’s possible that I have mentioned this before actually but I can’t be bothered to properly check right now. Certainly I’ve been meaning to mention it for long enough. Back in August 2008 the SRS at Daresbury closed down for the final time. The status display is still available online. Though I never worked on the SRS itself I did spend quite some time at the MEIS facility located there and so got used to seeing all the monitors scattered around (even in the hostel accommodation) showing that status, and ruling most of the present researcher’s lives. It seems strange to see those red zeros.

There’s My House!

Google Streetview Image

Google final launched Streetview in the UK. About time too. And we’ll have none of this silly privacy backlash—those complaining should stop and think for a moment; it’s not showing me anything I couldn’t see by walking down the street (and there’s certainly no great right to privacy if I’m taking photos in public. I have no idea where, in the land of ubiquitous CCTV, this idea of such a public right to privacy arises from—for a useful discussion of this see The UK Photographer’s Rights. If something’s visible from a public place why the surprise that it may be seen by the public?). You can see the house (actually, not where I currently live, as Google haven’t quite driven down my bit, yet, but around where my mother lives).


  • Dollhouse: Watched the first couple of episodes (no, it’s not made it to the UK yet, go figure). Didn’t particularly like it and grew too bored to watch any more (I don’t know if the studios have been messing but it’s certainly no Buffy or the brilliant Firefly). Anyone know if it improves?
  • The Airborne Toxic Event: On the other hand Jan and I agree these are good

A Week With Jan

And now for the bulk of the post. Or not. It’s a bit too long to shove in here, so will follow on it’s own…

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