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Google Fail (Or Brighton Avenue Photos)

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And now for a tale of a bit of a failure at finding something online. I was half convinced I’d mentioned that searching the internet on this has failed me before, but if I did I don’t know where (In general it’s a sign one is struggling when the first hit for a search is your own page—and I wonder how long until this one joins it). Anyway, basic premise and frustration: It seems impossible to find photos of my old school (I should point out that by old school I also mean the old buildings, from before they built the “new” buildings and knocked the old down to form the current playing fields).

Showing%20Nursery_1956.jpg There are a few of course. The easiest to find seems to be this shot from 1984 on iSee Gateshead (if the date is correct then, given I was 7 in 1984 that’s probably my lollypop lady!) That also appears in the Friends Reunited photos but it’s just about the only shot showing the actual school (there are a few group photos taken outside but you can’t see much, though one does show the nursery building and the stairs at the corner of the infants—I have half a memory that at least until a certain age you didn’t use that entrance as the stairs were deemed dangerous).

iSee Gateshead also has this 1901 photo, which has a glimpse of the school on the left (the church on the right is still there, though the church hall is gone). I did also turn up this 1958 photo from from another source, with a little bit of very red looking exterior. But it’s back to iSee Gateshead for the final and probably best photo, from 1966 (mislabelled Brighton Road School, see this blog post for some discussion of that). From memory that’s the junior school facing Brighton Road.

And that’s about it! My quest for any more has failed. I don’t even seem to have any myself (a couple inside but nothing outside).


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