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Campbell Shrew

Quite, quite mad I think

A very cropped photograph of Naomi Campbell
A photograph of a tiny pygmy shrewIt should be noted that this post is a little late at night and quite rambling. I just looked at the BBC News front page and for a moment though this very cropped image of Naomi Campbell (because of this) was in fact a pygmy shrew. This is because at a very glancing glance it looks like this image of a pygmy shrew, which has been a running joke every since this University of York press release where they fed them to Barn Owls—the pygmy shrew image became my standard image place holder, including when writing my thesis. It’s possibly something like the second smallest mammal (the first is the Bumblebee Bat); in any rate it’s pretty damn small.

Oh, and to make this post more random, bunging pygmy shrew into wikipedia gets the american version which (currently) contains the line It is grey-brown or red-brown in colour with lighter underparts. which I read as “lighter underpants.”

Finally, an amusing look at the pygmy shrew’s life [flash warning]

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