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Flickr Favourites And Me

My discovery of Lost Film has apparently sparked a renewed interest in Flickr. Basically I’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds from a load of groups and keep hitting the “interesting” from the last 7 days page, as well as a couple of tools giving random photos (such as the Random Photo Browser which picks randomly from people’s favourites). As I’ve went I’ve been marking those shots I like most as Favourite (link goes to a random selection thanks to FlickRandom). Having reached 216 (that strange number arises because that’s six pages worth) I’ve just went through them; here’s what I’ve noticed.

By now I have spots of colour before my eyes.

Some things are a trick or tricky or simply mind bending and look like something they’re not.

I seem to have something for the Sun rising and setting, low in the sky (so do others). I like the way it reflects and the sky—the wonderful skies—which reflect (though I also like skies of a different sort). Some even talk physics, though others show physics (though this isn’t the most striking or enlightening sky physics).

I also seem to have a thing about trees. There are well over twenty favourites which at least feature trees. Occasionally they’re just there, adding atmosphere. Sometimes they’re just hinted. Other times they’re all there is. The trees also go with the low Sun theme, with the Sun behind them.

I wasn’t surprised to see cats around. It started with a cat (which is there because it reminded me of a much more important cat). In fact I expected them to be looking right up close. Don’t make them angry though, or they might become strangely evil. Which’d be worrying if they were bigger. Luckily they mainly just play or think deep cat thoughts. Still, I expected more. Maybe they wandered off.

Of course there are dogs too. Not just dogs, how about horses, deer. Swans are traditionally more beautiful, though again they’re not the only birds. A squirrel can be more stunning. Mind, sometimes you wonder who’s watching who.

While I thought cats, I didn’t actually expect to find so many shots of people. Whilst some are fairly ordinary and others are intense, others still may be playful or sad or mysterious. Sometimes we don’t get to see the person. Other times that’s all there is. And hey, of all those women some may be pretty and some sexy but only two are nakedone of which is just because of the zebra (no, not that one). Could be I just like stripes on people; or maybe it’s just stripes. I might go for red too. If nothing else there’s still always the Sun burning the sky.

Throughout all the other themes runs a seeming desire for monochrome (though monochrome strictly translates as one colour it’s taken as some colour and blackduochrome?). While often beautifully gorgeous I think this relates to a desire for simplicity (not always though).

A lot of this colour stuff ties into the last great theme of architecture, buildings, towering as they soar and sweep (or do they tunnel). Of course not all fall under monochrome. Sometimes it’s geometry where I like the lines. Some are just a building where we look at the interesting walls which form a platform. Sometimes there isn’t all that too. There are structures I know and those I feel I might. Really though their rise (and fall?) spans everything else, capturing us to spiral downwards. For there’s the captivating; almost mystery; one coloured simplicity. Inevitably it leads to the sunset (or rise) once again, with night shining between. Bit like the future.

And perhaps some things are just too beautiful

I could go on, but this post is already linked up. All 216 are here

Endnotes: There are a fair number of Flickr users from whom I have more than one favourite (maybe because they post more to the group’s I was watching, maybe other things). There are 6 users who have 3 photos each in my favourtes (imapix, kep ii, pmarella. Steve took it, uberllama and wmchu). However, there’s only one with 4, _rebekka

This post took a bloody long time to construct, building it section by section as I viewed the appropriate favourites for that section (which was much aided by Firefox (tabs!!) with Reveal, and FoXpose (all of which I used at one point or another). The FlickrFavMagnifier Greasemonkey script was useful too..

Anyway, tired now.

Much Later Update: Told you rebekka’s damn good :-)

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