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Voice Over Man

Been meaning to post this for a few days, so at least I’ve finally gotten round to it! During the Euro 2008 Turkey versus Germany semi-final the pictures were lost for some brief times, thanks to a storm. Fine, even in the twenty-first century it sees we can’t overcome a simple storm. What I found more interesting was that after a brief pause the BBC had a voice over apologising, and then during a second interruption blaming the storm. Which got me to thinking—obviously that voice over was live, so do they have a “voice over man” on twenty-four hour call, just in case? I know they have programme links but I’d sort of assumed a fair few of those were recorded (maybe not I suppose, in case things are over running), and there may be things like news flashes (I know I’ve seen at least one news flash, but I can’t recall what for and, more pertinantly, whether it was the news presenter making the announcment), the question remains, what does he do in the meantime?? Does the voice over man sit watching TV all day? Is he forced to watch the BBC? Is it one man per channel, or several men, or just the one? And how does one get such a cushy sounding job?

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