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Posts about moments which may become memories and memories which were those moments.

So what is this, a gig review site? Well, there may be a bit of a review coming up, involving a Friday stood in a field, following quickly on from the rather delayed last one. There’s more than just a review though—as Jan and I undertook something more like a tour of the north-west’s two premier cities

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Inspired Happy - Thursday

Inspiral Carpets on stage

It seems I’m absolutely hopeless at blogging at the moment, but I’m going to try and get this up before I go and forget. A Thursday a, er, few weeks ago Jan and I went to see a gig with the Happy Mondays original line up (together again for the first time in umpteen years) supported by the Inspiral Carpets, at Newcastle Academy.

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Pasty Tasting

Must get things out of draft! On which note, taking far too long to write up as usual (perhaps I should try writing these things more as they happen), a look back at a very relaxing week’s break in a very sunny Cornwall, as undertaken by Janet and I. There was plenty of sun, and walking, and beaches, and pubs.

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Happy New Year and All That

So, time for the New Year post I suppose, which of course involves a quick run down of things I got up to over the holiday period…

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Yarmouth Is Great

Note: This forms part of the Norwich trip post really, it’s just that Great Yarmouth is so, well, something that it needs a post all of its own. So, read on…

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