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Oh My, It Speaks

Way back last year (in November!) since I last posted, so really must say something to get back in the habit. I was aiming to hit this blog’s sort of unofficial anniversary (which would also have fallen on the slightly interesting date of 11/1/11 but as I’ve managed to miss that I’m determined to get something out before my birthday.

And I’ve actually made it! Oh, and happy birthday to my Dad, for it is his birthday today!

Anyway, catch up follows…

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Image No Comment

This is more a note to myself than anything else, but just to say commenting on the photo galleries has been disabled for the time being. It was receiving a stupid amount of spam of late (and unlike this blog has little in the way of spam capture so was publishing said spam). Enabling CAPTCHA didn’t seem to help so comments are off until I look into it further.

Lick Of Paint

Screenshot of the new front pageI got bored of how the front page of looks, so I gave it a quick refresh, because I can. Look, whizziness!

A General Update Post Thingy

Some more random things I’ve been meaning to mention

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  9. The Music Business Continue To Be Idiots
  10. Free Wifi On The Move
  11. Right, Just Post

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I Didn’t Say Which Monday

Well, I did just say Monday… Things are in draft, honest! Coming soon: We’re I am, what I’m doing; Buffalo Tom; GMail scripts; Other crazy things from my fevered mind.


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