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April 2004

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Woo, Gmail

Yeh, I just got a Gmail account (thanks to the fact that this blog is powered by who google also own). I’m in early, so I get a nice address, Hehe.


On a brighter note, I’ve now got a Mozilla calendar synchronizing to an FTP server, which means that appointments I make at work automagically show up in that calendar when I get home (and t’other way round of course). That should make things a little more organized. I had a habit of entering an apointment at work but then forgetting because I didn’t write it down and I wasn’t really using calendar at all at home.

Moz Probs

Very strange problems on starting up Mozilla at work this morining. It seemed Moz (1.7b) had managed to loose some of the preferences and settings, including the sidebar tabs. It still had my bookmarks etc however, but had forgotten email settings (I’ve had it completly loose my profile before, and mess everything up, but never loose parts!). Luckily I use MozBackup to keep a backup of the my profile and I was able to get everything back to normal fairly quickly. The perils of running beta software I guess, though Mozilla betas are better than other’s releases.

The Strange High House in the Mist

This man sits in the same office as me. Help!

Book: Nearest; Page:24; Sentence:5

Oh, what the heck. The instructins:

  1. Grab the nearest book

  2. Open to page 23

  3. Find the fifth sentence

  4. Post the text of the sentence, complete with instructions

Note that nothing says you have to reveal what the book is, or the author. So, pick up nearest book, page 23. There aren’t five sentences (it’s a page full of XPS and BIS spectra, the caption doesn’t run to five sentences). So, this is actually the second nearest book:

After firing, the momentum of the bullet = 0.006 × 300 = 1.8 kg m s-1.

So there you go. Carry on.


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