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December 2006

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It Must Be Christmas

WH Smith’s have the Cadbury’s Cream Eggs out by the tills…

Time For Torchwood

Ah, see what I’ve done with the title there. Yip, titles are getting worse around here. This is another spoiler laden Torchwood review, this time it’s episode 10, Out of Time. Watch out below if you haven’t seen it!

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Encrypted Post 2006-12-19


Decrypt Text (If you're: Me)

This Is Why People Like Google

People don’t like Google just because they make great products. It’s the fact that they don’t mind developers taking time and effort to just have fun as well. Like leaving presents and tracking Santa. Where’s the Virtual Earth santa tracker, hmm? See, that’s the difference.

Xmas tree

This is a photo sent from my phone of all things to flickr and my blog just to see if it works

Chocolate Whirl

Hmm, Flickr claimed the test post failed, even though it didn’t. Let’s try this. Doesn’t Pepe look nice?


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Whisky Helps

What the bloody hell’s going on with all these dum de dum posts? That was me playing
around, trying to get something to work. I think I have now.
If you’d really like to know what (it involves email, and posting, and
moveabletype), then read on…

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Right, This Time I Think It Works

Let’s see now

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Dum de dum de dum

Here We Go Again

Testing testing 1,2,3

Multiline Control

So, it helps if you can deal with newlines!

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We Have Control

So, just how much can I push this

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So Have I Broken It?

This either works quite nicely, or not at all!!

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Well, If I Did It Right

Helps if you get paths to the scripts right children!

And One Final Go

Actually, I think this should work, but you can never be sure…

I Remember Now

It posts but I could never get the category to display without a rebuild.
Let’s try this.

Testing, testing, 123

I can’t remember if this works or not. Let’s find out!!

They’ll Investigate Any Old…

Of course we all know the restroom etiquette rules but Improbably Research points out that there have actually been at least two studies into real life bathroom behaviour. Of course there is plenty of scope for further research, particularly into how well the etiquette rules apply. The studies dealt with stalls, not urinals for a start. It will obviously be important whether the stalls are single sex are not. One imagines there may be an difference between an odd and even number of stalls. And careful control would have to be made for subtle, or not so subtle differences, between options (is the door lock broken?)

Best line from the Guardian column: For reasons that are now obscure, he recorded the amount of faeces that accumulated. Because obviously it’s just the sort of thing you decide to do one day…

Update: See, I told you it left a lot of questions open.

Invisible Shoes? I Wish They Were

Torchwood, Episode Episode 9, Random Shoes (one time known as Invisible Eugene), er, review. Spoilers ahead

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The Best Gadget Of All Time

I just misread a headline of digg. It talks about the 15 best bond gadgets but I read it simply as 15 best gadgets. In a flash of what I like to think of as inspiration but may simply be seeing the blindingly obvious I knew what the best gadget is. The thing more ubiquitous than an iPod, that virtually everyone has. So good many people have more than one and always have their gadget with them. So good it’s been changed and extended, even to the point Bond himself gets a special one; made more beautiful, or more ugly, but still remains at its heart identical to what it’s always been. So bloody good that you probably don’t even see it as being a gadget but ask yourself what else it is. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the humble wrist watch

They Keep Killing Torchwood

Another Torchwood review (Episode 8, They Keep Killing Suzie). That means all the content of this post gets hidden below; spoilers alert!

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Seen This Before

déjà vu…it’s weird

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