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March 2008

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Imaginary Staircases

Anyone familiar with London Bridge Rail Station will know the escalators in the centre of the concourse, which lead to/from the Vaults and Joiner Street, the way towards the underground station. Currently these aren’t working. They haven’t been working since before Easter. A sign declares an electrical fault which is being “worked on”. Presumably all the escalator engineers are too busy doing whatever it is they’re doing to those moving staircases within the underground to actually come up a bit and do something to those that people are actually trying to use. I could gripe about this (all right, I just did) but I’m going to talk about something else instead.

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Help! I’ve Been Pixied

A very nice pixie has come and interrupted me pleasantly once more. Help me! I’m trapped.

There’s been cleaning, rubbish wine, and bolognaise where it shouldn’t be.

Windmills On The Mind

Photograph of the Brixton WindmillA little while ago I mentioned the job. Well, sometimes something more interesting comes along than the normal (in fact, EngDesign are something of specialists in the unusual). So it is that I found myself inside a windmill, in London. The Brixton Windmill was built in the early nineteenth century, and though only powered by wind until the 1860s its working life continued, using steam and gas power, until 1934.

The mill past into the hands of local authorities, being restored and opened to the public in the 1960s. It has since fallen back into decline and neglect however. Now a local group, the Friends of Brixton Windmill, are leading efforts to once again restore this historic structure. With that in mind there are currently a variety of different surveys under way to establish exactly what state the windmill is in and what needs to be done to restore it and make it a focal point for the local community.

Still No Robin Hood

Ed made me go walking through the countryside around Nottingham again last weekend. Terrible stuff, all this exercise. We had to drink beer in two different pubs half way through just to keep ourselves going. I only had my camera phone, but did snap a couple of pictures, including the largest dog ever!


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