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November 2006

Posts made in November 2006

Hubble Bubble, Toil and, Er, Soap Suds

The strange things found when soaking dishes…

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The Classics?

Torchwood review, episode 7, Greeks Bearing Gifts. Spoilers of course.

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This is another Torchwood review, of Episode 6 “Countrycide”. Spoilers etc. contained below

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Yellow Card BBC (They Wouldn’t Notice A Red)

The BBC offer a “live text commentary” for each football game. This is minute by minute coverage with such delights as Corner right sided for Team. Taken left footed by Player, in swinging. Header (6 yards) by Player saved by Keeper. Or something like that anyway. It’s not the most exciting or well written thing in the world but it is useful for getting a feel of the general flow of the game. if a goal is scored the text commentary gets all excited and has a banner pointing it out
Screen capture of the BBC live text commentary, showing the banner which indicates a goal is being described
(these commentaries don’t have anything like a permalink as best I can tell so I’m using screen captures here to illustrate—these are from the Blackburn versus Tottenham game which just finished).

As well as noting each goal in such an obvious manner the text commentary also notes bookings Screen capture of the BBC live text commentary, showing the banner which indicates a booking for a player. Given the special banners for goals and yellow cards it might be reasonable to expect that red cards would get the same treatment. Except they don’t. Sendings off have no special attention drawn to them: Screen capture of the BBC live text commentary showing a sending off, which lacks any sort of special banner

Why do red cards get treated like any other event, such as a goal kick or throw in, when bookings have attention drawn to them? It makes no sense. It’s not a one off but consistently happens like this and has done for as long as these text commentaries have been going. Come on BBC, be sensible and note red cards like yellows! Oh, and a line saying the half time/full time whistle has blown wouldn’t go amiss either.

Flickering Fairy Torches

This post talks about Torchwood episode, urm, five. If you haven’t seen it then be careful to avoid the spoilers below!

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Good Luque

Borrowed from

Latest quotes from Albert Luque taken from the News of The World, Sunday.

“My situation is now desperate. It is incredible that I was not picked for Watford. “The final decision is with the coach and, if he…

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And A Draw Completes The Set

This team is certainly enigmatic. They have the stars, the stage, the talent hidden somewhere, and the fans. For five minutes they had the football to match. The last two minutes of the game plus three of injury time this…

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Energy Barrier (Or I Just Want To Read About The Moon)

The Moon’s surface may actually be more active than thought. I can only tell you that though because I’ve just ploughed through what can only be described as an awful user experience on PhysicsWeb. This saddens me, not only because of the time and effort waisted and the frustration, but also because I expected better from an IOP site

It started off with clicking a link in an RSS feed to read the story about the Moon. Except I didn’t land on a story about the Moon, I landed on this login page Screen Capture of PhysicsWeb login page. Now maybe I’ve been missing something, or have always been logged in and so have never noticed, but I didn’t know that PhysicsWeb required registration simply to read an article. In fact, a quick glance at the main news page shows that some articles are deemed “premium content” and others (most) not. What criteria makes something locked to those not logged in I don’t know. So, hmmm, login….

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We Won (Just)!

Oh to follow Newcastle United. In less than a week only this club could bring so swooping heights and dipping lows. After the glory of Europe and the dismal reality of the league came the competition that probably matters the…

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Yes, it’s time for the now weekly Torchwood episode review (bets on how long I keep that up!) As usual, spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen episode 4 (or possibly 1 to 3 either) stop reading before I, well, spoil it!

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And Then We Lost…

What is going on with this side. They win away (with a performance that was admittedly not overly convincing but at least showed some steel) only to capitulate to a hard working but mediocre Sheffield United team. Maybe part of…

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Start Luque?

I was thinking a bit more about the fact Luque scored yet seems pretty likely to be dropped to the bench at best later today (there might be an argument that the squad rotation is necessary given the number of…

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What’s Going On With The BBC??

Screen shot of the BBC website front page, showing two [an error occurred while processing this directive] messagesHave the BBC web developers all knocked off for the weekend? Notice the top of the screen. “[an error occurred while processing this directive]”. That’s some server side magic going wrong there (SSI?). It’s been like that for a while—seems to affect most of the site, though not the news bits. Or am I the only one seeing this for some bizarre reason?

Quick update: They fixed it sometime last night :-) At least they get there eventually (or maybe they read my post!)

We Won!

i’m quite in shock that not only did we go to Italy and get something from the game, that something was all three points! While Palermo may not have played there strongest side (is their fixture schedule as crazy as…

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