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An Awsome Post!

This isn’t the post that I promised last. Think of it as an intermediate bonus post while I write that one. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head for a little while and just feel like getting out there right now. Everytime I start to type in Firefox’s Awsome Bar I get interested in the site that makes it to the top. So here, for your delight, an insight into my browsing habits; the top website for each lettter:

  1. Amazon
  2. Be
  3. CHDK for Canon A590IS
  5. Ebuyer
  6. Facebook
  7. GBPVR
  8. GMail (matches on the h of https)
  9. BBC iPlayer
  10. Joost (which I hardly ever look at—obviously I don’t do a lot of J’s)
  11. Kew Gardens: Museum No. 1 (as worked on by EngDesign)
  12. Lifehacker
  13. Google Maps
  14. BBC Sports News (currently the straight news site is way down the list, despite my frequent visits, for some reason)
  15. One Of The Three: News (don’t do many O’s either it seems)
  16. Dreamhost Control Panel
  17. Quirksmode
  18. Radio Times (actually second behind my router admin interface but there’s no point linking to that)
  19. Southern Railway (probably top thanks to all the trying to work out if there were trains when we had snow)
  20. Transport for London
  22. Vodafone (I doubt there are many V’s either)
  23. Westminster Abbey (no idea why—think I looked it up recently
  24. xkcd
  25. Youtube
  26. Google Reader (matches against some random feed URL)

I was going to do the numbers as well but they seem to match against query strings for Google Reader or the Radio Times, so not very interesting.

Of course, this all gives me a chance to revisit in the future…

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