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November 2008

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The Sun Has Got It Is Hat On

Next to the park near my office (and how I keep mentioning the park—well, it’s the nearest bit of “not office”) is a small community building, Bermondsey Village Hall. It has a small patch of lawn outside, on the boundary wall of which is a bright sign, reading The Sun has got it’s hat on [sic]. The Sun has got it is hat on? Why is there an apostrophe there?

Sign on wall reading The Sun has got it's hat on

I was on the phone to Jan when I spotted this, and complained to her about the proof reading oversight which had allowed such a public and welcoming sign to contain such a mistake. As I did so I prowled around the small building, partly looking for a good position from which to take a photograph (there is fencing around the garden area—I ended up poking my hand through the railings) and discovered the sign at the building entrance. Childrens parties [sic]. If only we could move apostrophise around.

Sign advertising Hire for childrens parties.

Before anyone points out the inevitable, yes, I am aware I will now probably run foul of Muphry’s Law (and thanks to Ed for reminding me what it’s known as).

A Couple Of Icons

Jesus on keyboard?

Having once claimed to be bigger than Jesus have Oasis recruited him to play keyboard? Spotted by Jan and I while watching the BBC unplugged session, from which the screen shot is taken.

In other news a couple of people have won races recently. Lewis Hamilton became Formula 1 champion and Barak Obama became some other sort of champion. The two have quite a bit in common actually. They both have immigrant ancestors and family members who have been a great support and influence on them. Both are relatively young for what they do. Both have split opinion. Yes, there is another similarity, but far too much has been written about that as if it is a victory in itself, an achievement. The battle will only be won when people stop mentioning that they both have close cropped dark hair as much as they don’t mention how dark their skin is.


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