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July 2010

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Went with the pixie to see the latest cinematic offering, Inception. Warning: There may be minor spoilers ahead (and maybe one major, though it’s fairly obviously signposted in the film).

Inception certainly has an interesting idea. Through a combination of sedation and drug cocktails people are able to enter shared dream states. This allows operatives to steal ideas or information from the subconscious of the target. There’s a lot of waffle about dream architects and such but frankly the idea is skimmed over in pretty much the same way as the origin details of this shared dreaming (with that catch all of having something to do with the military).

Much harder than taking something out of someone’s mind it turns out is to give them an idea—described as an inception (which means beginning—I’m not sure why Insertion wasn’t considered a better choice of word). This forms the basis for the troubled lead character to assemble his team to attempt such a difficult task, on the basis that this will win him the freedom to return home

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Crossing A Line

AS the 2010 World Cup draws to a close, it seems it has come time to talk about technology (or the lack of it) in football once again. Being an England fan, with a goal which never was to our name, you might think I’d be screaming for goal line technology, instant replays, and the referee to be a robot. The fact is, however, that I’m screaming almost the opposite.

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