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November 2005

Posts made in November 2005

Blue over Pink

Nearly two year ago I commented on how little Saturday evening football papers were declining. I mentioned then that the Pink in Newcastle still survived. Well, it’s time has come. The article is of course right; in the internet connected world the analysis is started before the game is over. It’s still sad though. To wipe away 110 years of tradition and memories of so many. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any outcry over this. Where will the posters come from now?

Update: 2005-12-18 And so it ends. Yesterday’s was the last.

This Blog About To Break?

I’m about to upgrade the MoveableType install. This seems likely to break something. I’ll update once done, if anything is at all working.

Update: Well, the backend’s up now. The upgrade went smoothly apart from some problems caused by my own incompetancy. Now let’s see if this entry will rebuild…


Google’s vanished. All of it, normal search, Gmail, anything else I think of. This is so unexpected I initially thought it was my network but everything else is working. A quick Technorati search shows mention of this happening in another couple of countries. What is going on? I remember mentioning to someone how I thought Google had felt a little flakey recently.

And as I type this it’s back, like it was never gone. Down for at least the length of time to turn a pizza from more or less frozen into cooked though. Having possibly over stretched itself with Base and Analytics is Google undergoing some massive upgrade operation or something? Or is it just falling over? Perhaps the scariest thing is how much it felt like an integral part of the net’s infrastructure had gone missing…


I don’t know why either but I’ve always sneezed when going into the sun as well. And yeh, convincing people of this is hard.


I was going to eat a little Tesco frozen spotted dick (no sniggering at the back there) pudding just now. That involves zapping it in the microwave for a minute (having removed the typically difficult to get off film lid). So I shoved it in, and pressed the start button with a cry of “zap”…and indeed it did. A large spark and bang emanated from the rear somewhere. The microwave continued working (!), or at least spinning around with it’s light on. Further investigation showed it seems to know longer actually heat anything up, and the timer has a mind of its own. Oops

Not So Terror-able MPs

So parliament finally stood up to Mr Blair. About time some sort of sense and halt was brought to the draconian measures this government would introduce to “protect” the liberties they are themselves eroding. A compromise was of course reached, but 28 days is at least better than an insane 90


I’ve occasionally hosted photographs over at It’s an excellent service but I felt I wanted a bit more control (like the ability to have the actual size images up without resizing).

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Bang, Fizzle, Woo

Those not of this country should consult something about Guy Fawkes or this makes no sense! Having reluctantly escaped York at least there’s no conflict in burning Guys one night of the year. Some of my earliest childhood memories are going to watch the fireworks at the park. I was never scared of the bangs, only of the idea the fireworks were going to fall on my head!

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Paris Is Burning

Normally I admire most of what Daniel Glazman has to say. Nvu is wonderful and outside the world of coding he hits hard at what he doesn’t believe in. However, it seems France can’t possibly have a problem. So much so he’ll close comments (come on Daniel, your normally more controversial than that!) To be honest this his his country, so he certainly knows more than me, but his latest blog post reads like he’s excusing everything on the basis that hey, don’t worry, it happens every year anyway. Sorry Daniel, but you’re in almost as much trouble there as the Americans you love to slag off; hiding behind a few exhuberent new year’s youths is naive (an obvious permalink to the post on the post’s page would be helpful btw). Your right. Normal people don’t do those things. Normal people don’t do those things wherever they are though; France, America, anywhere. Normal people leave comments open…Tear gas landing in the wrong place is unfortunate, but it shouldn’t be ignored as acceptable. It’s a step away from bullets. Trust us–you looked on and commented on Ireland why others lived it.

Daniel is right in some things. But he knows he’s wrong in defending others; else why is he hiding behind no comment/rrackback (something he has criticised before)?

Regex The Web

What I want is an internet search engine which supports regular expressions (at least to some extent). Haven’t come across one that seems to do that.

Billboard Dreams

I’ve mentioned to dreaming before; how sometimes it seems that dreams and reality can become so confused that your mind doesn’t really know anymore. Well, a little while ago I mentioned to Rachel that I’d seen a billboard advertising the new series of Green Wing on channel four. And then we wondered where it had got to. Well, from this it seems that filming only just finished, and the new series will be along sometime around March next year (I have to wait that long :-( ). So I can only assume that at some point my messed up mind dreamt a Green Wing advert, which I then told Rach about. The only other possibility is that somewhere around Gateshead there is a very old billboard from before the first series (the dream conclusion is supported by the fact that I can’t remember where this advertisment is supposed to be).

Bathing In The Net

Internet connection up and running -) Once again drowning in the sea of a web of information (really drowing as I try and play catch up). Anybody who has been waiting to send me large files can now do so (no guarantee I’ll take any notice of them mind). Thankfully I’m no longer reliant on some terrible email through TV thing (there may well be a post on the failings of this forthcoming). Off some of the 7000 feed items which have remained unread.


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