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Shiny Things

Shiny Things!! :-)
Random Indie stuff (though as I type something by Shiny Toy Guns just came on. Shiny!)

So the great laptop saga comes to an end. Basically it’s so falling apart and failing in so many ways that rescue begins to produce diminishing benefits. So, it’s been sort of abandoned, leading to…shiny new toy!

Replacement, Lenovo 3000 N100 (don’t you love obscure numbering conventions), though with XP not Vista (can’t be doing with all that modern fancy crap). I won’t bore the world with details, if you really want a big list of specs you can ask me. I can log in using just my index finger though, which is obviously terribly useful… oh, and the speakers are, on reflection, in a bit of a silly place, but then laptop speakers sound crap anyway.

Anyway, data has been transferred (hey, linux finally has proper NTFS support). I’m currently considering what to do with the spare hard drive from the old laptop (it’s now the third spare 2.5 inch drive I have lying around). As it’s actually a decent size my current thinking is that it becomes my main backup drive (in a usb external enclosure). The drive I’m currently using for the odd backup I might put into the old laptop and install an OS to see what the actual hardware state is. The third drive, in case you’re wondering, is a bit too small to be really useful for much, and is currently encrypted using Truecrypt (with a small partition containing a portable copy of Truecrypt itself) should I ever want to, er, securely store some files. Yes, it doesn’t exactly get used ;-)

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