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January 2011

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9 Is Just A Number

Team League Position Ground Capacity Average League Attendance 2010/11 Ambition
Liverpool 7th (P24 Pts32) 45362 42324 35000000
Newcastle 9th (P23 Pts30 52387 46573 0

The only figure above that makes Liverpool a “big club” and better destination is the last column. The only one that matters. Tales of geordie boy and pride in the shirt all mean nothing if Ashley just wants to sink more on the gaming tables of casinos he wishes could be build next door. We can speculate on whether transfer requests come through desire or the realisation that despite all the pretty words of “Nee chance” the club are prepared to sell. Or maybe it’s just that the much vaunted spirit has been broken by the pointless breaking of the seeming magic Houghton had brought. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the £35 million this squad will never see and the lack of strikers to keep us up.

Way back when, in the days we almost became what we’ve dreamed of since a century ago, I can remember Cole going. The thing then was, we may have though Keegan had lost the plot, but you always had a nagging suspicion maybe not. That at least the plan was his. That there was a plan, and ambition. Where’s you plan Mike?

Fuck it, at least we win more games in the championship

Been To The Pictures

In an effort to get to see more things before they reach the stage of us going “we meant to see that!” Janet and I went to the cinema not once but twice yesterday. Brief reviews follow.

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Three Hundred and Sixty-Five. Take One

I was going to start the mentioned Project365 idea with some lovely photograph. I just couldn’t quite resist showing off the lovely “birthday pie” (cornedbeef and potato) baked by my wonderful pixie.Birthday Pie. Project365-1

Five Years Ago

Is it really five years since there was a whale in the Thames. I remember the poor thing dying on my birthday. Now apparently the remains are going on display.

Oh My, It Speaks

Way back last year (in November!) since I last posted, so really must say something to get back in the habit. I was aiming to hit this blog’s sort of unofficial anniversary (which would also have fallen on the slightly interesting date of 11/1/11 but as I’ve managed to miss that I’m determined to get something out before my birthday.

And I’ve actually made it! Oh, and happy birthday to my Dad, for it is his birthday today!

Anyway, catch up follows…

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