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Standard Compliant Only, Nearly

So, things are working a bit better in IE. The layout doesn’t get completly messed up now anyway (not in IE 6.0 Win, I haven’t tested in anything else yet). Apparently it didn’t much like the overall blog containing div having position:relative. As that was legacy from the old layout I could safely remove that rule. It still barfs if the archive search part is in there though, so for IE only we have that set to display:none. Oh, and the negative right-margin trick to shove the sidebar beyond the right of the containing div messes up, so for IE only that’s out too. And of course there’s no drop down picture in IE. SO, standards enhanced, IE just about working!

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Heh, I’m just commenting to myself so I know where I am. Ok, the basic problem with the whole layout going wonky in IE is that we’ve foolishly ran straight into the IE float bug without noticing. That’s quite annoying, because really I need width:100% on the text field for this to work neatly.
Two options occur, one just center the thing in IE but don’t let it stretch for an uglier but functional view. Or two, switch how the layout is done again. The problem is that this sort of two column layout is easy if a) I can float (but that’s what I’m doing) or b) I can guarantee that one column will always be longer than the other (a problem, the sidebar might end up longer than the post part). Grrr. I suppose if I didn’t want the fancy box around I could get away with something like faux columns, but I don’t want to compromise the design. Hey ho

Made by Ian Scott on Jul 18, 2004 at 12:19

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