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Akismet Equals No More Spam

Caught spam happiness

This whole blog thing is run on MoveableType which makes it something of a target for all those lovely comment spammers out there. There are, and always have been, various countermeasures in place, including keyword filtering and ip lookup filtering. Still, about two or three spam comments a day would get through without being flagged (lately mostly along the lines of “Thanks. Cool Site” and variants with the url field pointing to the spammers site). This is obviously nothing compared to what some people have had to deal with but it’s still annoying to clean up. That’s where Akismet comes in.

I’ve been hearing of Akismet since more or less it’s first appearance, and all of it said things like “it just works”. Still, we’ve all heard that before and I don’t think I can be blamed for being a little sceptic le. Anyway, there’s a MT plugin for Akismet (it’s originally a Wordpress thing—one day I might move this blog across to Wordpress but there are so many customised bits and plugins..ahh). I installed it a couple of days ago. Zero (yes zero) spam comments have got past so far. They’re right: Akismet just works.

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