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How Many Entries?

Feeling a bit silly
Buffalo Tom, A-sides 1988-1999

Silly me. When I set up this MoveableType installation I made the navigation for the pages display the categories complete with the number of entries in each category. Stupidly though I managed to set it up so that the number of entries wouldn’t update (unless I rebuilt the page it was being shown on—so it would work on the front page but not older entry pages). With a bit of jiggery to the templates and a server side include I’ve sorted that out (I’m sure the new dynamic stuff in MT 3.1 would probably help—and I do have some plans for that feature, if only reducing the load when building a new entry—but I don’t really have the time to upgrade and play right now).

Edit: I should point out that adding the numbers up won’t get you the current 101 number of entries, because entries in more than one category get counted in both. Also I might mention that the to the last entry wasn’t getting updated either but now is. Finally I fixed search results so clicking “more” now goes to the entry rather than performing the search again (I’m not sure why that was happening, but it seems it no longer does).

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