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New Look

James, The Best Of

This is a warning in case it remains visable when you happen to look. Things are about to break. Changes to the underlying templates are ongoing. Please don’t attempt to do anything to complicated with this blog right now!

Update: Things are almost sorted. A few things still broken and a couple of pages needing to be rebuilt. Nearly there. Changes are ongoing.

Update: Right, I think we’re done. Seems to work in Gecko, IE (6 – I think 5.x will probably fall over due to my not fixing the box model for it) and Opera (all tested on Win XP). Hopefully it works in other browsers as well, though I haven’t done extensive testing yet. Look out for a more detailed post about the redesign and rebuild!

Oops: Of course I probably should have ran things through the validator before getting excited about being done!

Update: Errors corrected. All seems well, until I find the next bug!

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test post

Made by Ian Scott on Dec 22, 2004 at 15:15

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