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Cross Posting

Sorry about any fiddling around you may have noticed. I’ve been trying to convince MoveableType to play nice cross posting from one blog to the other.

I realised that this blog has a Football Category but anything likely to go in there is also likely to be about Newcastle United, which means it gets posted to Diary of a Fan, my other blog. That used to hosted on Blogger but I’ve just implemented it all in my MoveableType install (mainly so I could have easier navigation between posts). That gave me the idea of trying to get the Diary of a Fan posts to automatically appear here, on the main blog. And I’ve achieved that, almost.

A useful MoveableType plugin for achieving this is Cross Blog, which allows you to post to another blog (in fact, even one on another server). I’ve “improved” it a bit so I can easily pass around tags (including automatically adding nufc as a tag) and keywords (TagInvoke is invaluable for this sort of thing). And I had to set the category of the post to Football, which is where the only problem lies.

It turns out you can’t set the category on creating the post. It’s necessary to create the new post, capture it’s ID and then set it’s category. I can do that fine but I can’t get it to then publish the post. The obvious methods (especially mt.publishPost) gave errors I don’t understand. So the current situation is a post to Diary of a Fan creates a new post in this blog’s Football category, but doesn’t build that entry (though it doesn’t actually publish, the entries list strangely shows it as published rather than draft as expected). So I have to go into this blog’s entries list and tell it to rebuild that entry. Not ideal, but better than things were, and the best I can manage at the moment. Any more fiddling around you notice is probably me trying to frustratedly remove this annoyance.

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