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Another Hello World Post

New House

Another post to declare my continuing not being deadness. This time made with the aid of broadband (sorted out a whole day before the predicted date as well). High speed internet connection at last. Woo!

In other news, I’m still surrounded by boxes, almost all of them are empty now at least. Putting up shelves is proving tricky due to the fact the walls of this house seem to be made of either a) A substance the crumbliness of which is akin to sawdust b) what I can only assume to be some form of diamond coated brick. I’ve given up trying to drill supports in places and resorted to no more nails. Now, I must remember to buy a bit of wood to create a leg for the bench which is going to sit in my room as extra workspace (although the real reason is so I can hide stuff under it). Unless anyone knows where I can get a ready made leg about 703 mm high that is.

Yesterday’s thunder storms were interesting. I think only one actually passed over us (to which Pepe opened one eye and Rachel whimpered “ohhh, thunder”). More interesting was watching the storm about 11 last night as it went by to the east (if I’ve got the geography of this house right) of us. It seemed I was looking right at the edge of the storm, so could see the lightning flashing amongst the clouds—and a bit later some very clear strikes to ground—in a very pretty show. The whole thing was made somewhat eerie by the combination of distance and double glazing reducing the sound of thunder to a minimum. I did attempt to photograph it, but equipment and photographer were I fear not up to the task. Eventually the storm wandered off to the far side of the city, continuing to light up the sky in a more uniform fashion as it went. Worth the entrance fee anyway.

I’ve an interview on Friday. Woo.

In yet further news, Bloglines is informing me I have 5014 unread feed items to get through due to my restricted net access. So, things to do you know!

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