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He’s a Very Naughty Boy

Pepé, my cat, decided this morning that tuna just wasn’t good enough so went out for takeaway. Recenty he’s brought three or four small mice, normally at night, which he normally meows to tell us about. This morning though he fancied a change and got himself a small bird. Happily he came trotting in only to be shouted at as he tried to race up the stairs. In shock, or possibly mischief, he decided to drop said bird. Having been ticked off and removed from the scene it was then left for still half asleep man to try and remove bird from his abode.
The bird was quite happy to sit perfectly still on the floor, wedged into a corner. It even let me gently stroke it. However as soon as I tried to pick it up in order to give it a helping hand through the nearby door, there was a blurry flap of wings as it made its escape, never gaining much altitude but actually flying under much of the furniture in the living room.
After chasing it from corner to corner for a while, it finally got a bit of height and realised that freedom awaited it a short distance away. In a barely registered blur it shot through my front door and was gone. Hopefully it will have the sense to avoid the big, black, furry monster now.

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