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CSS Hacks

Normally I avoid using CSS hacks (apart from to fix problems with the most popular, non-standards compliant browser in the world of course). So it’s something of an irony that one of the few times I decide I need one it turns out I can’t find one to do just what I want. So, if anyone knows an Opera only hack, …

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Oddly, I’m sitting in my house on Hull Road, York pondering a similar thing, Googling for an answer - when I happened upon your blog entry!

I’m sure you’ll know of the CSS hacks at… I’ve found that you can do a Mozilla+Opera-only CSS rule followed by a Mozilla-only rule to sort some things. And some kludges can be found at the forum.

At the moment though, this doesn’t solve my current problem of div widths. Mozilla doesn’t want you to specify a width, IE doesn’t care, and Opera needs a width. No way around that one at the moment.

Jon (ex-York Electronics student who has failed to leave York, but managed to avoid working for Norwich Union)

Made by Jon on Jul 18, 2004 at 12:15


Eventually did come across a solution to this, thanks to css-discuss. See for using CSS3 media selectors to target Opera. Who knows how long that will last as other browser catch up with CSS3, but for now it might do in a tight bind.

Made by Ian Scott on Nov 2, 2004 at 11:31

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