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Intelligent Decisions


It’s being reported that the UK government has basically kicked the idea of intelligent design in science lessons into touch. This is of course a decision to be welcomed, something I’ve touched on before. The report comes following a response to an ePetition. Reading that response I don’t think the governments position has particularly changed from what they’ve already said. It’s one I feel fairly happy with so long as they stick to what it says. Questions raised by pupils about ID should be answered (pointing out that in no way is the whole ID movement scientific, and explaining why). The important point is still that there is no reason to introduce discussion of ID, creationism, or related ideas as examples of “controversy”. They should barely raise a mention unless in response to a direct question (which isn’t to say they can’t rate the odd mention along the lines of “some people will try and claim any old crap as science, like intelligent design, but we know better”). It will be interesting to see the actual guidelines when published.

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