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Unravelled Wool

Andorra. The only thing I associate with andorra is some sort of wool. They certainly came unravelled against England, which really wasn’t surprising. Did England learn anything from this game? No, but at least they’ve got some points. Andorra were, frankly, awful (for about 20 minutes in the first half I thought Hargreaves was simply politely asking for the ball back). Defoe showed why he should have been left with the world cup squad rather than some little kid, we showed strength in depth. Not much else to say.

I would just comment on this whole not putting the ball out for an injured player (“letting the referee decide). First it’s worthy of note that referees are not under any obligation to stop the game for anything other than a head injury, so “rely on the ref” has something of an empty feel to me. More fundamentally though it sheems a great shame to me that one of the most sporting attitudes in the professional game is being lost. Have we really nothing better to crack down on (the diving, the whinging to and arguing with refs, the waving of imaginary cards) than a sporting act which more or less spontaneously appeared amoung the jungle of professional money grabbing and give no quarter attitudes? There may be an argument that some players may abuse it by faining injury but surely they should be punished rather than simply stamping out the act itself? Is getting rid of something which is in essence essentially noble really the message we want to send to young supporters?

Oh, and Peter Crouch still looks like he’s performing river dance everytime he plays.

Er, Edit:Bah, I don’t even know that about Andorra do I. That’s Angora with the wool. Some might say that the whole wool thing only relates to my brain. Move along now, nothing to see here.

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