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Well That’s Annoying


A few days ago I noticed that the laptop’s battery indicator had appeared in the taskbar despite the fact that it was plugged into the mains. Hmmm. A tiddle of the connector solved the issue but it kept returning with increasing frequency. Obviously a failing wire. Today it finally got to the point of unworkable. From what I’d been doing in terms of wire twiddling I was fairly certain the break was near the end connector. So, armed with penknife (which my finger can attest is quite sharp) and multimeter I cut away molded pieces and started trying to find the problem. Having made sure everything was actually soldered still I got lucky in finding the break, as it was under the first place I stripped wire insulation away (well, I say luck…it had broken just on the far side of the strain relief, which seems a logical enough place).

Not having soldering iron to hand I’ve performed what is technically called a “bodge” :-) Fortunately the break was in the stranded, outer “shield” wire rather than the inner core, so I was able to jump the break by twisting wire together. It’s all bonded together again with electrical tape (red because there wasn’t any black). It’s not the prettiest or best job but it’ll do until it gets done better (which knowing me will not be until this bodge fails!)

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