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Bloglines Gets Better…And Worse


It’s been a few days since Bloglines rolled out their latest updates (Bloglines has been my preferred solution for a couple of years now). In general they seem to have improved things to be a bit quicker and cleaner but there are a couple of things bothering me. The bar at the bottom of the left frame which appears when it updates the unread count I find unnecessary and distracting, especially when it simply states there were no new items (why tell me that?). And they’ve broken shift-A for read all (worse, clicking on read all also now brings up an annoying confirm box—while I appreciate that some people never mean to click that, I want a setting to turn the confirm off).

On what I think is an entirely unrelated note the Firefox alert extension is stuck thinking I have 4653 unread items, though I haven’t investigated that yet.

Google Reader has just been updated as well to have a much more Bloglines style interface. I’m becoming very tempted to give it another try (I really disliked it’s last incarnation). Now if I could send emails to it like I can bloglines…(maybe I can…and I can certainly envisage ways around…)

FeedBack Logically enough on writing this post I also sent Bloglines feedback through their online form. After the auto response I just got an actual acknowledgement, which is good to see. It didn’t say more than the comments are being passed on to the appropriate department but it’d be pretty surprising to get more. Hopefully someone might read them… On a (possibly) slightly more interesting note a look though referrer logs shows this very post was hit via something inside (that’s restricted access), which makes me wonder if someone inside Bloglines is having the sense to track posts tagged with the obvious keywords. You’d hope so.

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