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Most people living on the net have probably noticed Google Trends by now. I hadn’t really played with it until Football 365 mentioned which countries had been searching for Theo Walcott. A graph showing the volume of searches on Google for the term Theo Walcott, as a function of time. A sudden large spike is apparent in the recent past, corresponding to his naming in the England 2006 world cup squadThe trend certainly shows a sudden spike, as everyone went who?. Following that line it’s actually quite interesting to note how close the terms soccer and footballA graph showing the volume of searches on Google for the term Football compared to that for the term Soccer, as a function of time. The two are quite close (with football slightly higher). Football exhibits two broad peaks related to the american game are too each other (the peaks for football seem to be related to the silly american game which has little to do with the foot).

Of course we can continue this on to discover that Newcastle are way above Sunderland. A graph showing the volume of searches on Google for the term Newcastle compared to that for the term Sunderland, as a function of time. The volume for Newcastle is consistently much higher than that for Sunderland Nationally
England are on topA graph comparing the volume of searches for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales over time. The volumes are close but England is highest, followed by Ireland then Scotland and Wales, though Ireland is more popular than Scotland and Wales

On the more tech front, Windows beats LinuxA graph comparing the volume of searches for Windows with that for Linux. Windows shows about twice the volume as linux and both show a slight downward trend with time but Firefox has well overtaken IE A graph comparing the volume of searches on Google for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It’s all quite silly really (though I suppose might be useful for determining important keywords in business—is laptop or notebook more popular for instance—and tracking memes).

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