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A little while ago I got bored one day and so decided to install Kubuntu on the laptop (dual booting with Windows). That whole install process was remarkably smooth, apart from the problems it left (and here’s the “linux is far from ready for the average user’s desktop part). Laptop installs of linux are, from what I gather, notoriously tricky. Given that, I don’t think this is too bad. The touchpad works, I can see things on the screen, I’m savvy enough to get hold of all the non-included bits to play mp3s. Hell, I’m even savvy enough to have the Windows partition mounted (read-only) so I can see my mp3s (and I was long sighted enough to create a FAT32 partition to share stuff between Windows and Kubuntu too). I was left with only two real problems.

The first problem I just solved today (kind of). The default install knew absolutely nothing about the wireless card. It’s taken a few days (spread over weeks) of playing with ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant to get it to actually connect to the internet (of course actually getting that far required me to dig out a cable to wirefully connect and download the appropriate packages). As this post prooves, I’ve now convinced it to talk to my router and connect and everything. I still haven’t figured out how to make this happen without me having to type a couple of commands in a console when I login but i think it working at all is enough progress for one day!

The other problem I haven’t really looked at trying to solve (yet). It hasn’t really been an issue but might be if I actually try to take the laptop on the move and want to use linux. It fails to recognise the battery. In fact, the one time I tried unplugging the mains supply everything died a horrible death. That’s not so good!

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