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What I’m Liking About Linux

Foo Fighters, The Colour And The Shape

So, having finally got the whole dual boot thing working, I’ve barely been back into Windows. Linux is winning me over, it must be said. Of course this isn’t my first interaction with linux (or indeed unix) by a long way, but it is the first time I’ve actually had my own linux box and therefore such prolonged experience. So, as a newbie at owning, what am I liking after a couple of days?

  • Modern icons which don’t make me sick—the Windows XP whole cuteness thing always got me, but these are OK
  • Slick integration of what you’re trying to do
  • I don’t think linux has ever seen a text editor as poor as Notepad
  • The range of quality applications
  • The freeness of those apps—if you tried getting together ligitimate copies of Windows equivalents then it would cost you quite a bit (unless there’s a port available of course)
  • The fact that I don’t have too much idea what I’m doing but it’s only taking one Google search to work it out—I’ve used Windows for years and still spend far too much time hunting down solutions to problems
  • It hasn’t crashed once ;-)
  • It has the coolest mascot in Tux (and my mother likes penguins)
  • Hey, it makes me more of a geek ;o)
  • AmaroK
  • Package management. Microsoft updates eat your heart out
  • I’m using it like I’ve never seen anything else. That means something must be working

That’s just what springs to mind at the moment. There’s probably more, and you I might well post about it when I think of them, but I’m off to play some more.

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Yes, I completely agree. It’s funny, I went for one of those ‘Genuine Windows’ downloads the other day, passed a load of testing, finally got the program downloaded, only to find that setup could not continue because of a windows genuine advantage error - waste of time when, yes, there’s a program that does exactly the same thing in linux via a simple Yast RPM installation.. everything about Windows gets on my nerves. If I need it, it’s there, but for now, I agree, Linux all the way.

Just out of interest, which distribution are you using? :-)

Made by Olirockerdude on Aug 20, 2005 at 23:47


For the record as a first foray into having my own linux box I went for one of the more user orientated distros, namely Kubuntu (which is Ubuntu with KDE). So far it seems a nice introduction.

Made by Ian Scott on Aug 21, 2005 at 22:17

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