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English Heritage Website Redesigned?


The English Heritage website has annoyed me lots by its complete inaccessibility. Not only is it a kludgey frames monster but using Firefox dumps you (ironically) to the text only accessible site rather than allowing you through to the graphics site. Not only that but spoofing the user agent string to appear as Netscape allows the site to be used and everything works fine (really annoyingly the insane javascript doing the browser check explicitly excludes Firefox from counting as Netscape). Well, there seems there may be a much better version on the way. It’s all valid (transitional) XHTML and CSS (though the markup does make one wonder if they haven’t directly converted a table layout into a soup of divs. Still a whole lot better than it was). The strange thing is that site has a news article dated 9 March 2005 about the launch of the new site. Although the news articles roughly tally with those on what appears to still be the official site, there’s no mention of this on the normal site. That article mentions teething troubles. So did they launch and then revert, or what? And more importantly, when’s the much, much nicer site coming for good?

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