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July 2011

Posts made in July 2011

365 Data Dump

Due to recent events I haven’t been entirely on top of Project 365 updates. It’s ongoing though, and with the half way point just gone, I’m glad to have caught up!

A Brief Durham Outing

As mentioned, to get away from things last Friday Jan and I took the ten minute or so train journey down to Durham, not having been there in a while. Hasn’t changed much, but we saw a few new sights.

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Immovable Tripods

No, not an entry about childhood nightmare things but a look at just how silly some people get over photographing things in our fair capitol.

The video shows how jumped up private security get over protective of their buildings and space (and at least in some cases really do seem to think they have the right to stop you doing something in a public arena). The heartening thing though is that when the police became involved (!) they did seem to be level headed and perfectly aware of the photographer’s rights (for more on those, see this guide and Scene That. Remember, photographers are not terrorists).

A Sad Update

It’s been pretty quite around here, even given my abysmal posting rate. Partly this has been because of general busyness but more recently because of one of those things that knocks the stuffing out of you. Janet’s mam, Margaret, sadly passed away on 5 July. Though she’d been ill, and was in hospital, the expectation the previous week had been of her coming home—indeed Janet had been up in the family home running around making preparations for just such a thing. However, Margaret deteriorated over the weekend, leaving us with something of a shock and body blow.

Margaret Davison 5 March 1946–5 July 2011

For myself I always found Margaret to be a wonderfully warm and welcoming person who, whilst she might have been fairly described as quiet, had a fabulous sense of humour. I find it quite hard to accept that we won’t be able to find her waiting for our trips north.

The funeral and goodbyes were last Tuesday, all going as well as can be expected. I’ve been up Gateshead for a week, work having kindly rearranged the holiday I had booked off for this week. Mostly that has just been coming to terms with things and dealing with arrangements (not that I personally did much), though we did manage a little trip to Durham (post to follow)—if only because it is good for the soul to get away from such things a little.

Jan is still up north, sorting out the estate (her father, Roxby, having passed before I had the chance to meet him) and looking after the two cats we have inherited. Thankfully she has her cousin Angela and particularly Auntie Maurine to lend help and guidance whilst I hold the fort back down here and we figure out our next steps.


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