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Yesterday the right button of my laptop’s touch pad became stuck in the down position. Not convenient as you might imagine. So, screwdrivers in hand, I set out to rectify the problem (not like I have a warranty I’m about to invalidate). After the usual procedure of removing all the screws and then spending ten minutes finding the screws I’ve missed because they’re so well hidden, I had the casing off (oops there, yes, take the hard drive out or it will be in the way). Of course annoyingly the touchpad is, rather sensibly, on top of the laptop which means that from the perspective I was viewing it (i.e. the bottom) it’s underneath circuit boards et al. Fortunately there was enough of a gap to use some tweezers to poke the button back into the correct position :-) I can also tell you from this experience that with the case off there isn’t a great deal holding the DVD drive in place :-S

Closing the whole thing back up I’m only missing one screw, which is currently somewhere on the floor. I’ll replace it when I find it. There seem to be no ill effects as such. However, the sound made when putting the thing into “hibernate”—a sort of electron dhurp sound (I have no idea how else to describe it)—is now something more like an electronic dweep sound. I’m sure that’s fine though ;-)

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